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Most Common Causes of Drywall Damage

Drywall damage is an easy DIY repair for some people, but professionals tend to the rest of the work if you give them a call. Many homeowners need drywall repair allentown pa in their homes. Drywall is so easily damaged and needs to be repaired fast because it diminishes the appeal of the home, increases safety issues, and causes other concerns. Exactly what causes drywall damage? There’s an assortment of causes, including:

1.    Plumbing Leaks: One of the most common causes of drywall damage is water leaks from the plumbing system.  This is especially common in older homes or if you had work improperly installed. If you notice bulging drywall, call an expert at once.

drywall repair allentown pa

2.    Termite Damage: Termites cause a lot of damage to a home. Call an exterminator at once if signs suggest there is a termite problem at your home. The longer you delay the call, the worse the problem becomes.

3.    Poor Listening: If your drywall was not properly attached, poor fastening may very well result in drywall damage. Thick tape can also loose as it ages or when it wears due to moisture. This problem is another common reason for drywall damage. 

4.    Cracking: Poorly installed drywall may face cracking more often than drywall that is correctly installed. This issue affects ceilings more often than walls, but can happen anywhere. It is essential to contact an expert to make a repair at the first sign of cracking.

5.    Holes: Most of the time holes cause the most concern for homeowners. A hole can be caused by any number of things. This structural issue is a problem that you may find happens often, but it’s nothing a professional cannot repair.

DIY or call a professional if you notice damaged drywall and get a repair made at once.