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Popular Boarding School Activities for Teens

Have you pondered the thought of what it would be like at a boarding school? What foods would be served? What the dorm rooms would look like? What activities you could participate in?

Every boarding school is different, so the cafeteria menu and dorm room layout vary dramatically from one school to the other. However, many schools have similar activity choices for students that want to get involved and get active. Let’s explore some of the options you have when it comes to extracurricular activities in boarding schools.


Tennis is an active sport that gets the heart racing and gets students moving. When playing at a boarding school, students get insight from the best tennis schools‘ instructors available and skills will improve dramatically throughout a single semester. It enhances hand-eye coordination and lowers body fat while improving heart health and lowering blood pressure. There are many more health benefits of tennis that students can reap, making this activity an excellent total body workout for students.


best tennis schools

Yoga is an ancient practice that has grown in popularity over the years due to its health benefits and its ability to calm emotions and stress. Students can benefit greatly from yoga, as the practice helps them become aware of their stressors and manage them accordingly. It can be done in any setting as well, so students can enjoy the great outdoors while getting the benefits of this low-impact exercise.


If you’re interested in playing an instrument or using your vocal skills to bring others to tears, then a boarding school with a music program is the perfect choice. Music programs give you the chance to explore instruments and find the one that is best for you, giving students something to focus on and dedicate their time to.

If you want to choose the right boarding school, consider the activities available as well as the quality of education.