christian elementary school in florida

Steps For Creating A Powerful Lesson Plan

As a teacher there is a lot of work that goes into teaching a class.  From the perspective of the student it seems that most teachers will just read from a book and tell them to answer questions.  In fact, this is not the truth.  For christian elementary school in florida as well as other school systems, teachers will spend several hours crafting lesson plans that will suit the needs of their specific group of children.

Assess your kids

The first thing that you need to do is assess the children in your class.  Each class that you teach will have a wide selection of different students.  Some of the students will comprehend the information faster than others while others will struggle to learn basic concepts.  This is why you as a teacher needs to assess your kids and determine how fast and how slow you can move.

Focus on interactivity

christian elementary school in florida

Some of the best classes are those that focus on and incorporate interactivity and hands on learning.  One of the worst things a teacher can do is drone on and on about a topic for too long without giving some type of activity.  This can be a worksheet, a video or something.  When developing your lesson plans you want to focus on some type of interactivity.

Ask questions

As a teacher you don’t want to be talking as much as you think.  In fact, students really need to discuss the topics and material presented.  To help start the conversation the teacher needs to ask questions and then follow up questions.  The more questions a teacher can ask the more the student can think outside the box and really craft and hone their knowledge.

Teaching is a skill that is learned and crafted over the years.  To be a good teacher knowing your students is key.  Focus on what will make them stronger and you will become stronger in the process.